Sunday, December 13, 2015


WHAT HAPPENS TO FORMER PORN STARS?I was a porn star in the 80's. I starred in Throat: 12 Years After, which was the sequel to the original Deep Throat. I also appeared in Flashpants and Piggy's, not to mention dozens of layouts in adult magazines.I found that the porn industry was composed of nothing but lost souls--all yearning for the love and attention that they never received as children. On every set, there was a pervasive cloud of sad darkness hovering over the entire production.The sex industry exploits wounded hearts. Every woman I met while working in that business--whether dancing, modeling, or acting--possessed a wounded heart. All had experienced abusive situations in their childhood which resulted in a skewed view of their own sexuality and value. Certainly, no woman with a healthy dose of self-esteem would degrade themselves by exposing their bodies and having sex on camera. I was the only porn actress I knew who didn't use cocaine. The other women told me they used in order to numb themselves from the humiliating reality.I walked away from the money and fame (well, on a porn star level, anyway) because I knew it was an evil, destructive business. For more about my life as Michelle Maren, visit


  1. What an amazing story. The truth reveiled.

    1. Thanks so much Ella for your comment and support. Yes, the truth is the sex industry is detrimental to our society. It harms all human beings and serves no constructive purpose. Again, thanks for reading my blog. Blessings.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this blog together and through it I am going to be able to direct my daughter to it and help her get out of the industry.